Developed by former smoker Fern Carness, RN, MPH.

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“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window
by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. ”
—Mark Twain 

Program Content

The Ready, Set, STOP! program covers these key elements in 4 CDs and the 28 - page booklet:

  • Understanding your personal habit.
  • Increasing your awareness of smoking triggers.
  • Developing coping strategies and a personal plan for stress and crisis management.
  • Building self-esteem and commitment.
  • Creating a personal plan to deal with weight gain.
  • Tips on what to do after you quit smoking.

Ready, Set, STOP! Booklet also includes:

  • Three-Month Calendar and Gold Stars
  • Plan of Action Agreement
  • Quit Smoking Contract
  • Program Worksheets
  • Food and Physical Activity Planners

CD content:

Part 1 – Getting Ready to Quit  (40 minutes)  

1  Program Overview 
2  Why You Began to Smoke?
3  Why You Love Smoking?
4  Your Reasons for Quitting
5  Use Light & Write Forms
6  More Steps before Quitting
7  Relaxation Techniques
8  Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Part 2 – How to Quit: Building a Tool Kit (43 minutes)

1  How to Quit Smoking
2  Your Personal Triggers
3  Alternative Coping Strategies
4  Other Options for Quitting
5  Health Effects of Smoking
6  Guided Imagery Exercise

Part 3 – Get Ready, Get Set, Go! (35 minutes)

1  Sign Contract: Quit Today!
2  No Cost, Low Cost Rewards
3  Nicotine Gum & Patch
4  Tips: First Week after Quitting

Part 4 – How to Quit Quitting (36 minutes)

1  Closing Remarks
2  Weight Gain & Healthy Eating
3  Physical Fitness
4  Tips: Preventing Relapse

The Ready, Set, STOP! booklet and CDs are packaged together in a handy toolkit.


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