Developed by former smoker Fern Carness, RN, MPH.

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A safe, effective, no-pressure way to quit smoking and learn to live without your cigarettes, for good! 

Quit Quitting for Good!

If you've attempted to quit smoking before and were unsuccessful, you're not alone.  Ready, Set, Stop! was designed by a former smoker with input from hundreds of smokers. 

No scare tactics. No medical horror stories. Just plain practical methods that really work.  You decide when and where to use this program and you set your own quit date.  You choose how you're going to quit, using a variety of tips and methods to help you find something that works for you.

The program toolkit includes the Ready, Set, STOP!  26-page booklet and 4 CDs.

Listen to the CDs while you drive, exercise or wherever, and then reinforce what you've heard with the information and exercises in the booklet.

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